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At Taqwa Space Observatory we have some of the most powerful telescopes of Pakistan under the most darkest sky of the region. These instruments are being continuously used to explore the secrets of cosmos.

18 Inches Ultra Compact Telescope

The 18 inches Ultra Compact Telescope by Obession is the biggest Telescope at Taqwa Space Observatory. With a focal ration of f/4, it has a focal length of 75". It is covered by a fabric to block stray light and protect the mirrors when in use.


16 Inches Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope

The 16 inches Schmidt Cassegrian Telescope by Meade is placed on a Direct Drive Mount by ASA. This telescope features a 16" aperture, 4064mm focal length, and f/10 focal ratio. This is the primary telescope of Taqwa Space Observatory.

8 Inches Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope

The 8 inches Schmidt Cassegrian Edge Optics Telescope by Celestron is designed to produce aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view. This telescope has a focal length of 80" and a focal ratio of f/10. It is placed on an Astrophysics 1100GTO servo drive mount.

6 Inches Refractor Telescope

The 6 inches TOA 150B refractor by Takahashsi is an amazing telescope. With approximately 6" aperture, it has a focal length of 1100 mm and a focal ratio of f/7.3. It is mounted on a CGX Equotrial Mount and Tripod by Celestron.

60mm Solar 

The DayStar Solar Scout is a dedicated Hydrogen Alpha solar telescope, with an aperture of 60mm. It has a focal length of 930mm. The aperture of eyepiece is
16 mm.

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