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Taqwa Space Observatory is a Subsidiary of ACP Systems. It was founded in 2016 by Mr. Tahir Shaikh. This observatory is situated in Kerner which is near Bela city in the Lasbela Division of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is built under the darkest sky in the region. This observatory holds a collection of one of the most powerful telescopes in Pakistan. Multiple team members worked hard to make it one of its kind of observatory in Pakistan. This observatory serves in multiple dimensions in the field of astronomy in the country. Along with nature on the ground, the dark sky above, and other necessities for life, Taqwa Space observatory is the best place for stargazing, Astrophotography, and astronomical data collection in Pakistan.


The Spiral home galaxy where our Solar System reside is clearly visible in the Bortle 1 sky of Taqwa Space Observatory. The Arms of Milky way, stretching from one Horizon to another will give you a mesmerizing view of our place in this vast Universe.

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