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Taqwa Space Observatory


In the outskirt of Bela, Balochistan. Surrounded by the mounatains, away from the busy urban life, Taqwa Space Observatory is a place where any astronomy professional or enthusiast would love to spend some time while fulfilling their passion for astronomy. To know more about Taqwa Space Observatory, please click here. 

Bortle 1
Class Sky


Taqwa Space Observatory is located in one of the best dark skies in the world with a grading of Bortle 1 class sky. Bortle 1 class shows the most clear sky on the Bortle scale. The least light pollution makes deep sky astronomical observations possible. 

High Tech Equipment


The observatory is equipped with 18,16, 8, 6 and a solar telescope which are aligned with the celestial north pole for better observations. More details about our equipment can be found here.


Taqwa Space Observatory is equipped with many astroimaging cameras including ZWO ASI6200MM Pro, filter wheels, imaging softwares including ASI Studio and softwares which control the equipment for precise long exposure astrophotography. Collection of our recent images can be found in Astro Gallery.

Window to the Cosmos


Operating Taqwa Observatory is possible due to the untiring efforts of a very dedicated team. Click here to meet them.

What's new

You can read our blog to find out about the latest happenings at the Taqwa Space Observatory.

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